Soulcalibur VI Патч 1.10 + DLC [1.0] [RUS + ENG + 9 / ENG + JPN]
Название игры: Soulcalibur VI
Год выпуска: 2018
Разработчик: BANDAI NAMCO Studios
Тип раздачи: Patch
Версия программы: 1.10
Требуемая версия игры: 1.0
Язык интерфейса: русский, английский, французский, итальянский, немецкий, испанский, японский, корейский, португальский, китайский (трад.), испанский
Озвучка: английский, японский
Таблетка: Присутствует (CODEX)
Описание: Патч 1.10 для Soulcalibur VI, который вышел 13 декабря 2018 года. Включает в себя все вышедшие к тому времени DLC, в том числе 2B
Патч устанавливается поверх данной версии игры.
В данном патче убрана поддержка некоторых старых процессоров, поэтому после установки патча игра может крашиться, даже если оригинальная игра работала нормально!

Способ установки

1) Запускаем патч с помощью Update\Setup.exe, ставим галочку возле "Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir" и жмём Install.
2) Запускаем игру с ярлыка на рабочем столе.

Список изменений

Update v1.10 incl DLC:
A second playable DLC character, 2B (YoRha No.2TypeB) is released.
Gameplay adjustments:
Adjusted some aspects of the battle mechanics and special moves.
Corrected some of the in-game text.
Improved the general stability and polish.
Fixed NETWORK related issues:
Fixed instances in which in Casual Match, the match would suddenly end due to unintended circumstances such as the when the spectator would leave the session.
Improved the Ranked Match’s matching system and made the experience smoother. *Choosing 4+ bars in the search filters has an effects matching on the PS4 and STEAM versions.
Improved the general stability and polish.
Fixed CREATION related issues:
Fixed errors in pertaining to the usage of the CREATION mode.Such as:
Fixed the instance in which players could not equip “Astaroth” with the “Cataclysm Set”.
Fixed the instance in which players couldn’t change the eye color of Colossus type characters.
Fixed the instance in which when players tried to have their characters with the “Haunted Long” hairstyle wear a hat, the game would apply the “Wild Tail” hairstyle to the character.
Fixed graphical errors.
Improved the general stability and polish.
Fixed issues for the STEAM version:
Fixed some cases in which players could not equip certain creation parts while customizing their characters on the “Creation Mode”.
Fixed instances in which players could not play the game after choosing specific keyboard settings.
Added keyboard functionalities such as auto-detection and menu navigation for AZERTY keyboard.
Update on Patch Ver.1.10: Additional Creation Parts (PS4, Xbox, Steam), available for everyone:
Halter Top Bikini
Service Cap
Short-Sleeve Shirt
School Swimsuit (with Name Tag)

steamworks fix для патча 1.10

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