Submission Universal (Mixed By Atragun)
Жанр: Trance, Psy-Trance
Год издания: 2018
Лейбл: Sub.Mission Recordings
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 06:43:42


01. Tom Bro - Summit (Basil O Glue Intro Mix)
02. Emran Badalov - Spaceman (Original Mix)
03. Atragun - Lost In Dreams (Three Drives Remix)
04. Xpectra - Seize The Day (Original Mix)
05. Adnane Touzani - Universal Language (Original Mix)
06. Alpha Modul - Senses (Binary Form Progressive Mix)
07. Mahaputra - Chances (Original Mix)
08. Xpectra - Black Wings (Original Mix)
09. Eldream - Pandora (Andrew Henry Remix)
10. Precious Affliction - Feel It (Original Mix)
11. Jendrex - Railway (Club Mix)
12. Anger - Mystery Trackers (Original Mix)
13. Christian Stalker - Scarlett (Original Mix)
14. Adnane Touzani - Dreadnought (Original Mix)
15. Elex - Spectrum (Miroslav Vrlik Remix)
16. Arif Kasimov - Empire Of Saury (Original Mix)
17. Va - Submission Univeral 2018 (Mix 1) (Continuous Dj Mix)
18. Masaru Hinaiji - I Feel Love (Original Vocal Mix)
19. Kaistal.A.O - Katana (Original Mix)
20. Atragun - Here&Back (Atragun 2018 Remix)
21. Atragun - City Of Love (Myk Bee Remix)
22. Makeflame - Revive Me (Original Vocal Mix)
23. Mariano Elnen - Conquered Railways (Original Mix)
24. Ula - Ascend (Original Mix)
25. Atragun - Dusk (O.B.M Notion Remix)
26. Kamil Brandt - Chosen Time (Original Mix)
27. Christian Stalker - Energy Reflect (Tranceye Remix)
28. Cederquist - Rise Of Energy 2018 (Original Mix)
29. Paul Shields - Reconnect (Paul Shields Remix)
30. Miyos - Ant Angel (Tokagexx Remix)
31. Amine Maxwell - Pure (Original Mix)
32. Cold Face - Homa (Original Mix)
33. Garry Morrison - Last Call (Original Mix)
34. Atragun - Submission Univeral 2018 (Mix 2) (Continuous Dj Mix)


Об альбоме

What began as a small independent record label has become a universe of its own. After countless releases throughout the years, submission is ready to invite listeners into what is by far our biggest and most powerful release to date:Submission Universal. Spanning two disks and packed with over 32 exciting exclusive tracks assembled by label honcho Atragun, Submission Universal is the perfect entryway into our universe. Listeners will find absolutely no shortage in breathtaking material. From newcomers such as Jendrex, Maseru Hinaiji,
Eldream & Extense, to label regulars Amine Maxwell, Adnane Touzani, Xpectra, and Tom Bro to industry legends like Myk Bee, O.B.M Notion and Three Drives, there is no doubt that this is a dream team that all will want to hear. Listeners be ready, this is one universe all will want to take a journey to!

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