Animato / Harmonize
Жанр: Psy Trance, Trance, Progressive Psy
Носитель: WEB
Страна-производитель диска (релиза): Israel
Год издания: 2017
Издатель (лейбл): HOMmega Productions
Номер по каталогу: HMCD96
Страна исполнителя (группы): Israel
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 01:12:30
Источник (релизер): NNM/Beatport
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
01. Harmonize
02. Hope for Life (with Liquid Soul)
03. Deepest Level (with Ritmo)
04. Unite (with Perfect Stranger)
05. Tuvan
06. Nocturnal (with Freedom Fighters)
07. Last Resort (with Ticon)
08. Fuzz the Edges (with Sonic Species)
09. Juno Reactor - God Is God (Animato Remix)
Лог проверки качества
PERFORMER: auCDtect Task Manager, ver. 1.6.0 RC1 build (c) 2008-2010 y-soft. All rights reserved
ANALYZER: auCDtect: CD records authenticity detector, version 0.8.2Copyright (c) 2004 Oleg Berngardt. All rights reserved.Copyright (c) 2004 Alexander Djourik. All rights reserved.
FILE: 09 Juno Reactor - God Is God (Animato Remix).flac Size: 52859181 Hash: CCA625655A67627AC5014F8FD2247C8B Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: MPEG 95% Signature: 8220D4ABB1A8AF85A6784385EBD982C64E95EC12FILE: 08 Animato, Sonic Species - Fuzz The Edges.flac Size: 48780167 Hash: 164B4C73CF458553AE628B55EF0E2E28 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: C8ADF2C456737AEA1ECE96003887CF9DD1FD6BA0FILE: 07 Animato, Ticon - Last Resort.flac Size: 54065667 Hash: 5FBAC65BBCD3D874A310D094A49833D0 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: MPEG 95% Signature: 5150D976A3DDEAA23DAE7B4B830B09D040B72F39FILE: 06 Animato, Freedom Fighters - Nocturnal.flac Size: 47124645 Hash: 8FEB1F5C569A0228CE89C21D6FBE38AA Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: C4689C3812B4FF20EDE73F651799C8E3E7F4C508FILE: 05 Animato - Tuvan.flac Size: 51004328 Hash: F97EBA99F448ED01AD6B4E3E11135472 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 2DF4DC50C9990F56B34BFC10FDA17DCBA6DB4705FILE: 04 Animato, Perfect Stranger - Unite.flac Size: 54149623 Hash: D8BA0633AAE1241CD6E4716754756427 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 01AA44BAA255A46D9F8AD54F83F07350889713B8FILE: 03 Animato, Ritmo - Deepest Level.flac Size: 46367296 Hash: ADF3152A75D61FF816D31C14E29E1F69 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: MPEG 95% Signature: B04E06222524EE315F8204721E1A71AA96FE7A7EFILE: 02 Animato, Liquid Soul - Hope For Life.flac Size: 48702650 Hash: BEF69700819F23B68EA073B919030114 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: B56B8410351268B839C638D53AE8A04BB0F9DCCAFILE: 01 Animato - Harmonize.flac Size: 49783594 Hash: 2C23E34A546883079A33EB6C074B347A Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 758BF96B3CDB13CD1FEC6299A1A1FEF3C4C5C6CD
Об альбоме (сборнике)
Patrick Chen (formerly known as PTX) has reinvented himself as 'Animato', with a new style bordering on the delicate meeting point of modern Progressive Psy Trance. The new project was a natural step, as with all the years of traveling the globe to countless festivals, he was given firsthand experience to have his way on the worldwide psychedelic dance-floor. This surely was one of the contributing factors that made him decide to lower his tempo, adding smoother elements to his music and punchier edge to his production. His work was immediately noticed by HOMmega and he was asked to join their impressive roaster of talented artists. The first Animato track was released in late 2012. It was a remix for Sub6's "Droid save da queen" and since then the road was paved with high quality releases and remixes.

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