The Digital Blonde / The Witches
Жанр: Psy Trance, Trance
Носитель: WEB
Страна-производитель диска (релиза): United Kingdom
Год издания: 2017
Издатель (лейбл): JOOF Mantra
Номер по каталогу: JM114
Страна исполнителя (группы): United Kingdom
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 02:20:55
Источник (релизер): NNM/Juno Download
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
01. Screaming Banshee
02. Avion
03. Pleiadia
04. Dreamscape
05. Solita
06. Merkabah
07. The Witches
08. State of Dream
09. Aliens Attack
10. Symposium
11. Paradise
12. Wishmaster
13. Earth Tone
Лог проверки качества
PERFORMER: auCDtect Task Manager, ver. 1.6.0 RC1 build (c) 2008-2010 y-soft. All rights reserved
ANALYZER: auCDtect: CD records authenticity detector, version 0.8.2Copyright (c) 2004 Oleg Berngardt. All rights reserved.Copyright (c) 2004 Alexander Djourik. All rights reserved.
FILE: 13. Earth Tone (Original Mix).flac Size: 91315916 Hash: 3E38680BA182FAF4AEC7E8EF3145AAC1 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: A7915FE98D33E86EB1A95F0664F3FDD0563E8D65FILE: 12. Wishmaster (Original Mix).flac Size: 59794462 Hash: 39D7DD8E9E14BE6967A31E349C256213 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: A3FDECF095CF3F96FD68DA655CD7BE894F5DE7D4FILE: 11. Paradise (Original Mix).flac Size: 67483363 Hash: C5C6EC0B849B917F3F8D56A344C87DAD Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 99% Signature: 75289D8CAF4A0F79A09AAA9C6967C5B5C7CC1B92FILE: 10. Symposium (Original Mix).flac Size: 74732517 Hash: 44CABCCEC77BCCD4ADF3286CF9CDCAC5 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: AB462B5F5255B70E502F1607577D638CA2AED011FILE: 09. Aliens Attack (Original Mix).flac Size: 60223667 Hash: EB63842F14CDB5EF5CC1C4368530183C Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 0EE4322990661B777A539DC0A394B80BF9065DB1FILE: 08. State Of Dream (Original Mix).flac Size: 93225787 Hash: 5B0835A183EAC0CA4EE6DC458D7BE10E Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 8C3AD77BC991703B3A9B97A6887A3A18C966C035FILE: 07. The Witches (Original Mix).flac Size: 59532637 Hash: 0E7678978A6525ED556CD5409EC7FCED Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: DDB0B31AB8A53D04D1D88BAF71C0F7D3FB233CC5FILE: 06. Merkabah (Original Mix).flac Size: 88255999 Hash: 468EC58C4918397DC35830EB6BC1AB80 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 99% Signature: 7D7E45C25533118A453A18AB9D885D64A5749976FILE: 05. Solita (Original Mix).flac Size: 89605890 Hash: 609818F816A7A7731605146C495AE47A Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 77715366EDF023B14319E8E7839BD6416DBAAE48FILE: 04. Dreamscape (Original Mix).flac Size: 56825125 Hash: 6E9BFEE2A8459888806085FDD53FAB30 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 08BDD553687130F1F336F2C0C36208532FA13530FILE: 03. Pleiadia (Original Mix).flac Size: 62636456 Hash: 6FD0B614D92C674330A07F3715820E60 Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 8EDF55944FDE6B056F0DADD7A0E87F97A5ED3B7DFILE: 02. Avion (Original Mix).flac Size: 82560912 Hash: 6F6F637EC4B94F871D803A045D2506BD Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 1C26B0FB10818262DF0E1186316FF9A78A873C26FILE: 01. Screaming Banshee (Original Mix).flac Size: 113988685 Hash: 59494E83F721D085FD2D73372B9B1A5E Accuracy: -m0 Conclusion: CDDA 100% Signature: 950B59A31711A33180F75EE94B655755772FD658
Об альбоме (сборнике)
Dark, journey full, and wondrous are synonymous with The Digital Blonde's 'The Witches'. This album takes you through a lengthy journey through the imaginative landscape of The Digital Blonde. Weaved and sowed carefully with the deep Blonde sound, his epic melodies, and enormous percussion, this album shakes the boundaries of trance, pushing the genre forward in it's raw and purest form.

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