Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Cube Development
Год: 2013
Автор: Simon Lidberg
Издательство: Packt
ISBN: 978-1-84968-950-2
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF/EPUB
Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)
Интерактивное оглавление: Да
Количество страниц: 288
Описание: Analysis Services have been the number one OLAP engine for years. With the increased focus on business intelligence solutions, there is a shortage of professionals in this area. Start your journey into becoming a BI developer using the popular tools included in every SQL Server installation. Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Cube Development teaches you through clear step-by-step exercises to create business intelligence solutions using Analysis Services. The knowledge gained through these practical examples can immediately be applied to your real-world problems. Getting Started with SQL Server 2012 Cube Development begins with an introduction to business intelligence and Analysis Services, the world’s most-used cube engine. Guiding you through easy-to-understand examples to become a cube developer. Learn how to create a cube including all the advanced features such as KPIs, calculated measures, and time intelligence. Security and performance tuning will also be explored. You will learn how to perform and automate core tasks like deployment and processing. The main focus is on multidimensional cubes, but the creation of in-memory models will also be covered. You will learn everything you need to get started with cube development using SQL Server 2012.
What you will learn from this book
- Choose the correct model for solving your business problem
- Set up Analysis Services and the development environment
- Create user friendly dimensions and cubes
- Automate cube processing and deployment
- Query cubes using standard tools like Excel and Reporting Services
- Add advanced functionality such as KPIs and calculations
- Secure your business intelligence solutions
- Performance tune your cube through the use of aggregations
- Create tabular in-memory models
- Understand business intelligence architecture
Примеры страниц Оглавление
Preface 1
Chapter 1: Self-service Business Intelligence, Creating Value from Data 7
Chapter 2: Installing SSAS and Preparing for Cube Development 19
Chapter 3: Creating Your First Multidimensional Cube 39
Chapter 4: Deploying and Processing Cubes 71
Chapter 5: Querying Your Cube 93
Chapter 6: Adding Functionality to Your Cube 121
Chapter 7: Securing Your Cube Project 167
Chapter 8: Using Aggregations to Performance Optimize a Cube 187
Chapter 9: In-memory, the Future 211
Chapter 10: Cubes in the Larger Context 255
Index 265
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